ID thieves and the future of cell phone numbers

The Better Business Bureau issued a warning that identify thieves are using cell phone number porting to steal valuable identity information. Cell phone numbers are used to confirm your identity by many major software providers including Google, so protecting your number has become important.

If you use gmail, for example, your email and documents could be vulnerable to theft. If your cell phone number were to be stolen, it is a quick and simple process to reset your gmail password by the new owner. It’s as simple as entering a validation code sent by Google to your cell phone. Once the validation code is entered by the scammer, they are in. By the time you realize what happened, even if you are able to port your number back, your data has been breached.

My prediction is cell phone numbers will soon become similar to social security numbers. We just won’t share them publicly. Many solo professionals will have to change their habit of advertising their cell phone number as their main line.

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