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I came across this article from the 2018 ABA Tech Show, The 411 on Texting for Lawyers. The presentation is a nice summary of current texting options for attorneys and listed the following concerns for attorney-client texting:

  1. The digital security of communicating by text message
  2. The lawyer’s ability to document every communication with the client in the client file
  3. The clients’ need to have good communication with the lawyer in ways that make sense for them
  4. A lawyer’s need for certainty that the client has received a communication
  5. The negative impact on the lawyer’s personal life that giving out the lawyer’s mobile phone to too many clients will undoubtedly cause1

What jumped out at me was that none of the products they listed as options for attorney-client texting addressed all five of these concerns. No product seems to exist that is made specifically for attorney-client texting. Several products address some of these five concerns, but none address all and not a single one truly addresses #5 quality of life. In fact, the desire for quality of life is what started monikur. As a solo attorney, being overly accessible became a problem for me.

I happen to agree with the list from the article and am happy to report that monikur addresses all five of these concerns and more.

Digital Security monikur uses advanced encryption to connect the app to the server as well as within the database. Not even we can see texts on the server. Plus, texts exist in the cloud, not on a SIM card that can easily be lost or stolen, meaning a simple reinstall of the app restores all connections and conversations.

Documenting Texts monikur chats can be exported to PDF by client and by date range.

Client Satisfaction Attorneys must be reasonably accessible. Text messaging with boundaries can substantially improve client satisfaction.

Certainty in Communication monikur is invitation-only texting that connects attorneys and their clients by name, substantially decreasing the likelihood of a text being sent to the wrong person. monikur separates professional life from personal.

Quality of Life monikur has its roots in invitation-only texting, a design unique to monikur. Clients never get the attorney’s personal cell phone number. Some models use a second phone number, but that doesn’t really solve privacy issues. Anyone who gets those ten digits now has access to the attorney’s cell whether the attorney wants it or not. With monikur, the attorney decides who to provide text access to by sending an invitation to connect through the app by name, not number. Without this invitation, text access is not possible. Office hours determines when the attorney is available to receive texts. And of course, that invitation can be rescinded as necessary.

I would add a couple of more essential elements:

Bill for Texts monikur has a reporting feature to export the raw number of texts by client name for billing purposes. After all, texting is communicating and communicating is time and time is money. We priced monikur to provide a return on investment after billing just an extra one-tenth of an hour per month based on a $300/hour rate.

Networking element monikur acts as a shareable business card that you and others can share. It aligns technology with the oldest form of marketing: networking.

I am excited to introduce monikur to the legal profession.

monikur is a specialized texting app made specifically for attorneys and other professionals. 7 day free trial and always free for your clients!

1 The 411 on Texting for Lawyers by Jim Calloway and Ivan Hemmans, presented March 9, 2018 at the 2018 American Bar Association Tech Show.

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