Let’s Get Started With monikur!

monikur is always free for clients

If you received a connection request from a monikur subscriber, simply create an account and accept the connection request and you are done!

How monikurPro Works for Subscribers

Step 1: Upgrade to monikurPro

After you download monikur from the App Store or Google Play, upgrade by clicking ‘Upgrade to monikurPro’ in the menu unless you have already been upgraded through a promo code or by some other means. If you do not see the upgrade option at the bottom of the menu, you are already upgraded and can proceed to Step 2.

Step 2: Complete Your Profile

  • Click the pencil to begin editing.
  • Turn off/on visibility for your cell number and/or email by toggling the eye icon.
  • You may upload profile and banner photos. Zoom in to fill the entire space.

Step 3: Configure Settings

  • Use the Settings menu to reset your password, contact support, mute notifications, disable chat, and disable your account (this will not cancel your subscription.)
  • The “Searchable” function allows you to be found by other clients and monikurPro users.
  • Set your Office Hours to determine when you may be reached. When you are outside of office hours, chat is disabled.

Step 4: Send Connection Requests

  • Click the arrow at the top of your profile. Select from your contacts or enter a mobile number to send an invite.
  • The recipient will receive a text message from monikur with instructions for installing the app and a deep link to your profile. Your cell number will never be shared.
  • Pending share requests can be viewed by clicking on “Connections” and then “Requests” at the bottom of the screen. Swipe to cancel a request.

Other Features

Export Activity Reports

  • To export chat transcripts to PDF, go to any chat and click the down arrow at the top right. Set your date range. The email field that will receive the file autofills to your own, but you may change it manually.
  • To export chat activity to CSV, go to “Reports” and set your date range and email. A spreadsheet of all chat activity, organized by client, will be sent to the email address you provide.

Create Calendar Reminders

  • Click Events in settings
  • Click the + sign
  • Select an event name and enter a description
  • Select your date and time
  • Invite a connection
  • Set the reminder frequency

Your client will automatically receive push notifications with the event reminder from monikur.

Manage Subscription

  • Subscriptions are managed on the App Store and Google Play.

Only monikurPro subscribers may share their profile with third parties.

email us with any questions. monikur@monikur.com