Growing Your Law Practice Simply

Probably the simplest way to promote your law practice is to hand out business cards. Simple, cheap, but highly effective.

I was in court this morning and there was a ruckus. A sovereign citizen ruckus. I was enjoying the melee, but the deputies had all of us step out in to the hall for our safety. While standing out there, one person asked me a question, then a second, and then a line formed.

Every one of them had a legal need and every one of them asked me for a business card.

I read somewhere once about an attorney who started his practice by committing to handing out 500 cards to anyone who would take one. Slowly the calls started coming in and usually from unexpected places. In reality, those 500 cards are connected to many more people. That’s how referrals work.

Now let’s align technology to this business card concept. That was part of the plan when I designed monikur, a specialized texting app I made for attorneys. The app acts as a business card, but there’s a hook: monikur opens a text channel with the card holder. This access provides an incentive to the recipient to hang on to your monikur profile, and because your profile is embedded in an app, your clients and potential clients have quick and immediate access to your information.

Now imagine if you shared your monikur profile 500 or 1000 times or more. Imagine all of those people with you at the center. And because you never gave them your cell phone number, you can just as easily jettison a connection as needed.

My theory is this easy and personal access will keep the attorney at the forefront of the potential client’s mind as legal needs arise. monikur acts as a hub that connects the attorney to their clients (and potential clients) as opposed to social media and advertising where many voices compete for attention.

Invest time in creating your own hub and watch your practice grow.

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