About monikur

Founded by St. Louis criminal defense attorney Richard Lozano, monikur is a specialized texting app designed to provide important availability and organizational tools to attorneys and other professionals.

“I designed monikur to help attorneys organize and grow their practice by facilitating better client communication,” says Lozano. “monikur solves real pain points that I have discovered through 24 years of being a self-employed attorney. It aligns technology with the professional-client relationship.”

New for 2018, monikur is a shareable, digital business card with text channels. It allows you to connect with your clients without giving them your cell phone number. monikur is invitation-only, meaning only approved connections may text you. This approved access may also be revoked, so you have complete control over who may text you, and Office Hours determines when you may be reached.

With monikur, you connect by name, not phone number, so client texts and contacts are separate from personal texts and contacts. monikur also allows you to export chats to PDF for record keeping and usage reports to CSV for billing.

monikur brings important access and record keeping controls not found in other messaging apps. Built from the ground up for the professional-client relationship, monikur professionalizes texting.

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