Text clients without sharing any phone number

Texting clients through monikur allows Professionals to maintain their privacy, save time, and make more money!

  • text without sharing any phone number
  • save texts to PDF
  • reduce client no-shows with appointment reminders
  • complete messaging platform made just for your clients


Monthly subscription is required to share your profile and to access other premium features including unlimited connections, texts, calendar reminders, office hours, exports, and push notifications. monikur is always free for your clients!

“monikur is easy to use, free for our clients, and super convenient for us. We would highly recommend this to anyone looking for an easy texting option for clients.”

–Richelle Wingo, Paralegal


Keep Your Cell Number PRIVATE

Connect & text with clients without sharing any phone number. Keep your client texts separated from your personal texts. All messages are stored in the cloud and fully encrypted.

Total control over texting

Invitation-only texting through a shareable business card. Share your profile with your clients and be connected and texting in just 60 seconds. No one can text you through monikur without your invitation. monikur is free for your clients!

Office Hours

Set texting office hours so you don’t become a 24/7 call center. Clients receive a friendly message letting them know when you’ll be back in office hours.

Export & Bill

Export chats and text activity so you can keep a record of conversations and bill for texting.

Calendar Reminders

Create calendar reminders and automatically send push notifications to your clients. Cuts down significantly on missed appointments!


Send a text to all of your connections with one stroke.

Encrypted. Cloud-based. Secure.